Louise Kenny is the founder of the Yoga Grace and main teacher. She is a trained but uncertified Iyengar yoga teacher.
She chose not to do certification after her Iyengar teacher training which would’ve then dictated to me that that would be the only style of yoga i could teach. She studied other forms of yoga, including Sakshin Ghatastha, Shadow Yoga, Okido. Recently she completed a prenatal yoga course at One Heart Yoga with Anahata. Her yoga journey continues…




Sigrid Herbst fell in love with Yoga while traveling in New Zealand. Since then she has gained qualifications in complementary Therapies, including Reiki, Thai massage, Psychology/Counseling and Dance and Movement Therapy. She has completed Yoga Teacher Training in India (Hatha) and Bali (Vinyasa and Yin). She continues to study and just finished a prenatal yoga course and is interested in Trauma Informed teaching. Sigrid challenges students to listen to their bodies, move and breathe with love and intention, and cultivate mindfulness and awareness on and off the mat.

1Abby Marianetti is a New York native who has recently moved to Australia. It was in New York City where Abby first discovered her passion for yoga. In the hustle and bustle of the city Abby found yoga to be a welcomed outlet to unwind and become centered. After taking a vinyasa flow class, Abby was hooked on the dynamic style that was equally meditative and physical. Abby graduated her vinyasa based 200 hour teacher training from The Yoga Room Astoria in 2014. Her style is an energetic flow based class with emphasis on breath and body connection.